Forks in the road

Oddly I had a feeling that this would happen. Not all of it. Just the fork.

The moment I began my race for the 7th Congressional District, the seat that Elijah Cummings represented before he died. I knew that there were two distinct paths. Either serve in congress or live my life.

Before my opponents announced, I felt called to run for this important seat. Before the impeachment hearings etc etc, I admired Congressman Cummings. I sought his advice when I first started running for congress as an independent in 2015. He supported my first race for state delegate the year prior. He was one of the few black leaders who did support me actually. I grew up as a child of Howard University. Attended Howard Law School going to Chapel, we all looked forward to his annual sermon. But I knew that the Republican Party would not understand why anyone would admire him. Especially post-Trump.

I knew if I did not run, there would not be a Republican who understood or cared how much Black leaders are back-benched by the Democratic Party and used as puppets. No other republican had sat to meet with the predecessor. To look him in the eyes and see that he really did care about his people. That that he only had the power that puppet masters allowed them to have. People would never understand that the reality is used than they would imagine. People were forced to live in poverty because people of all parties profit for others suffering.

It's not as simple as "Vote for the Republicans". That's just as dangerous as "Vote for the Democrats." Corruption knows no party.

I wanted to serve in congress. Growing up in DC, I really thought that was the biggest way to serve our country, short of serving in the military. And perhaps I should have run for the district that nominated me originally, District 2. But I did a very non-politician thing. I decided to let others run for the seat, and have a chance.

The moment the race began, I realized that there were elements, energies, people that made me extremely uncomfortable. The political slander of 2020 was worse than intimate partner violence I suffered in 2018 because the people who attacked me knew and still went ahead with their slander anyway. This time was worse because the religious leaders I had turned to before decided to side with the opponent. I had become hyper sensitive to certain spirits and grew angry when people I had trusted prior to either decided to ignore them or even worse were in reality of that spirit all along.

After this election, I am an even bigger believer that followers of Christ cannot be elected to congress at least not from the State of Maryland. The fallen are firmly in control.

As quickly as my political career evaporated, my soul was preserved.

Praise God!

Understand that the last days be dangerous times. 2 Tim 3.

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