How do deal with Anxiety when even breathing is considered hazardous

We are living in a crazy time, and it feels super strange when you don't know what tomorrow will hold.

But we entrepreneurs, writers, and other creatives deal with uncertainty all the time. Here are a few ways folks can manage now that you are getting to experience living on the edge like we have.

This time is not easy, but we can all make the most of it.

1) Go to bed and wake up on your schedule.

Your kids may help or hinder you on this one, but if you're finding yourself staying up binging on the latest Netflix craze - fight the urge.

Go to bed! It's not worth it. Wake up at your optimal time.

Whether that's 05:55, 06:30 etc. Clock back 6-8 hours and that's what time you ought to be in bed (phone/youtube off).

You have to make that commitment to yourself since there will not be an external driver that will be forcing you to do it.

This sounds like something simple, but the more time that you have for yourself, the more disciplined you have to be.

2) Make your bed, shower, and change out of pajamas!

Again, this is another one.

You won't notice it until you find yourself not doing these actions, but trust me, your mentality recharges every morning you continue to do these three.

Especially now that we are being forced to stay in, you will have to create the illusion of action. Do not underestimate the actions that you take within your personal space, which includes your person.

3) Write it out.

I'm assuming you've called Mom already, but write out what's on your mind. Sometimes it's an issue, but sometimes it's a wonder.

Are there ideas that pop in and out of your mind like a story you want to write or a business concept. Maybe there is a place you want to visit or a relationship you dream of having.

Write it out. Old school. Like pen/pencil paper. Don't worry about grammar or spelling. This is for you. When we write out words onto a paper, there is action. No longer is the concept a thought, it's a statement. A message.

Take this time to honor what your message is. This is the perfect time for us all to open up to what God has placed on our hearts.

4) Protect your peace.

"Peace, be still" is what Jesus said to calm the storm raging around them when he and his disciples were on a stormy sea.

Uncertainty is one of the greatest storms we face as humans. It is times like this that we have to find and protect our peace.

Prayer is powerful. Reading the Bible is powerful. We literally have NO excuses not to do either at this point and time.

Go back to the Word and let God be your portion. (Hint: He is the only one you need!)

5) Breathe.

I will never forget managing Christopher Barry's campaign in 2015.

Talk about tricky dynamics, uncertainty, and anxiety. Carl, the field director, literally had to stop and remind me, Breathe, Liz. Breathe!

It was the first time I ever had to deal with really dark forces that surrounded the Barry Family - nothing will be more destructive and heartbreaking than what happened to that political family.

But looking back, Chris's campaign for DC City Council was the first and last moment we would all be together to rally around a common cause. As crazy as that campaign was, we were a family. Christopher was not our candidate - he was our loved one who needed people to surround him with love and not ulterior motives.

There are so many dynamics in play that the only thing you can do is focus on what you can. And sometimes all you can do is breathe. (with the correct amount of social distancing, of course.)

To be perfectly honest, I find a certain amount of peace right now.

We're always focused so far in the future and this "epidemic" forces us to focus on this day. Tomorrow is an unknown and everyone is in the same boat as you now, so take this time to be at peace. It literally is the only thing that we can control at this time.

May God Continue to Bless You!

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