Liberty, Liberation. Why the disconnect?

Early this morning I had a thought come across my conscience that I could not shake. I don't know if you have had that experience, but since I wanted to share this bud of a thought while my lawnmower battery charges (since I forgot to charge it again!).

Words have meaning more than definition. Words convey emotion and evoke a message when they are used. Particularly words that have so much meaning to a person, persons or a people.

The words "Liberty" and "Liberation" are such words. And this morning, I woke up wondering do other people see these words as I have experienced them. And if there is a particular societal meaning, is there something to their "distinction"? More specifically, is there a reason why the two concepts seem so distinct even though they are so similar.

If you look up the word "Liberty" in Webster's as an example, you get the definition as "the quality or state of being free...freedom from physical restraint....freedom from arbitrary despotic control... the power to choose."

The definition of "Liberation" is defined as the "act of liberating" or "the state of being liberated." (Now we have to look up the definition of "Liberated", which is "freed from or opposed to traditional social and sexual attitudes or roles").

Now that we have articulated a dictionary definition for the two words, I will briefly state my query. I think this idea has more legs that a brief blog post, but we might as well start here and now.

I can remember like it was yesterday. There I was battling the idea of becoming a republican in the middle of my first congressional race back in January 2016. So much as transpired since then in the country/state/community/world/my life. #wow Just 5 months prior had a left the Democratic Party and became an independent (see book Born Again Republican for reference). My campaign and I were gunning for a way to represent one of the most gerrymandered districts in the country. Up until that point in time, I NEVER (like never, ever) considered becoming a republican or even knew what it was to be a conservative. But there I was on a campaign call considering a shift in messaging - affiliation and all.

Short and long, I really wanted to use the word "Liberation" because then (and even now) the word and the concept really does resonate with me: personally, historically, and culturally. But one of my then (definitely not now) advisors said that I shouldn't use the word because I would come across as being militant and or a revolutionary. Meaning the word "Liberation" was a "bad word" that not only didn't resonate with potential republican voters, the word would scare people. Even though the sentence was not uttered, the message blasted into my conscience - "Liz, you would come across Too Black!"

That conversation seeped deep into my core just lurking right below the surface. My concern about the idea isn't simply the racial and mildly biggotted tone of the notion. The issue that persists within me ever since is that the defenders of Liberty and those who cherish Liberation are one in the same. The fact that they are perceived as separate and apart is the reason why we (Americans, humans, children of God) continue to struggle.

At some point, Liberty and Liberation diverged to the detriment of our future. I pray that we remember that the moment we accept liberation, we are Liberty. Liberation is not racial or foreign. We all have had to liberate any state of oppression that has sought to limit us or deny us of our godly heritage.

The impression of distinction must have been fabricated for a reason, like on purpose. As if to obscure our truest meaning. Perhaps, the discovery or reconnection is the solution.

This is just how I wake up and now that I'm blogging again, might as well share my ponders.

Be well. God bless.

- L.

Definition of Liberty:

Definition of Liberation:

Definition of Liberated:

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