My major issue with modern race consciousness

It hasn't been a secret that I have had a major issue with progressive philosophies like modern race consciousness and #BLM or what have you.

I've thought this for a while, but this is the first time I've ever written about what I'm about to share with you. I have no idea if other people have made the connection or not. But "Black Lives Matter" and every element that goes with the current progressive mentality (which appears to have taken over the world) are extremely destructive to everyone who prescribes to the thought, statement, and subsequent actions.

It is mental slavery and we must release ourselves from its grip immediately.

What do I mean? Let's deconstruct.

1 - What is consciousness?

Short and long - consciousness is what we pay attention to. It is our focal point.

2 - What is race?

Race is a social construct.

3 - What are we expected to think about race?

We are expected to think that Black people are inferior because White People are considered superior.

4 - Is the aforementioned statement true?


5 - What makes us think that black people's lives are less valuable than white people's lives?

According to BLM, because black people are shot by police or that there is systematic racism or that white people have a privilege that black people don't have.

6 - Is the aforementioned statement, accurate across the board?


7 - If what we pay attention to is false, why do we continue to give them any credit?

Because we are addicted to the negativity that we receive from these beliefs and most of us still don't know the power of thoughts and the reality of emotions.

If you want to change your perspective, read further. If you want to remain in the dark, stop reading this post now.

A - Congratulations for having the desire to know more.

B - What I'm about to say is super simple and it irks me to know end that more people aren't aware of the connection.

If you spend any time on personal development whether from Napoleon Hill, Les Brown, Tony Robbins, or Ed Mylett, you know that thoughts create your reality.

Look up Dr. Joe Dispenza and you can unlock the secret that is not a secret.

According to Dispenza, thoughts are the language of our mind and our feelings/emotions are the language of our body. Every memory we have has emotions connected to an experience from our past. When we focus on the past, we bring back the emotions/feelings forward to our present state. There is now a chemical response in the brain that fires and we experience that emotion over and over again.

We internalize the news, images, stories. BLM, white privilege, etc. When we believe these concepts we look for validation. Patterns that make us feel what we feel is correct.

What if you don't want to feel anger, inferior, lack, unhappiness, or negative?

Identify your thoughts. Acknowledge where they're coming from and see if they are useful to you.

Question: Is it helpful for anyone to think that he or she is inferior? Is it helpful to think your life is less valuable than someone else's?

Then, stop thinking that way.

Oftentimes I run into the question of "why don't black people get it?"

There's a major reason why we don't seem to "get it". Simply, we are rooted in our past. We focus on the past. We hold onto the emotional charge of our past. Society/Media/Education ensures that we relive the negative emotions and NOT the positive. And we self-sabotage the moment we gain any distance from our past.

We think that if we let go that we will forget. Or that we would offend the memory. But we have no idea that by holding onto the sadness, we block our ability to move forward into our future. The brighter future that our ancestors ensured that we would have.

Every moment. Every minute of our lives. We have a choice. This is Free Will. And yes this is what God has granted us that no other creation (that we are aware of) possesses.

By feeding into the progressive narrative, the BLM mentality, you are stripping yourself of this power, this autonomy that God has granted all of us.

Certain unalienable rights apply to you too. No human can take them away from you. But you have to protect your mind. No one else gets to control it for you. This freedom is the best way to honor our ancestors. Live free or die.

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