There's a first time for everything

Can I admit something to you?

This latest loss is the first time that I personally, actually, literally rebounded in faith.

I mean.

I know that I wouldn't have survived these last three years, if the Holy Spirit hadn't sent angels to catch me when I fell. And that hedge of protection is absolutely, positively real. It is because of that turbulence and that support that I only cried for 27 minutes after losing the June 2020 GOP primary.

I probably will not run for office ever again because of this last race, but this time it didn't feel as bad. I can remember the first time I ran for office in 2014. It was the most money I had raised. Had a campaign manager, a strategist, t-shirts, tank tops, bumper stickers, and an official campaign office. We knocked on doors everyday. We had volunteers at prime voting locations. Even my former professors were able to cast their ballots for me. Super neat.

But I will never ever forget the pain and embarrassment of my first Election Night. I must have had 14 volunteers at our watch party. Most of them were college kids from my alma mater, Howard University. My advisor was watching the votes come in, and after a short while we all found out that I lost the election. Technically, I came in last place.

All I wanted to do was hide, and I couldn't because I was literally responsible for everyone at the party. The main thought that went through my head was I let so many people down. All the donors, especially. I felt like I failed them. I felt like I failed everyone.

Mind you, virtually everyone loses their first election. And so many people never even take the first step and place their name on the ballot. Back then, I was a rookie. In many ways, this time I was the veteran. It does not matter how established you are as a candidate, nerves always run high on Election Night.

This time was so different. It was the first time I dedicated the race to The Lord.

Before, I'd heard people do that, and thought it was a just neat notion.

This last campaign wasn't about me though. For a while now, this "me" has changed so much that I needed another reason to go through what I knew was not going to be an easy race. It was no longer my own ambition or even my will. This time The Lord told me to offer a clear, conservative alternative for voters to choose. He never said I would win. He just told me to run. So voters could choose.

His Will be done.

And I am perfectly fine with the outcome.

This is the peace I had always heard about. The peace that I hoped He would grant me on this side of being saved. This June Loss was the first time I felt like I actually won in the spirit, even if I did not win in the flesh. No attachment to the outcome. I just did what Christ called me to do.

Faith is the most intangible, yet real thing you will ever need. It's a personal need. A personal desire. A personal defense that only an individual can claim for themselves. Almost like air. But air people understand. Faith is something you have to experience all on your own. And you can restrict your supply or unleash it as fully or tightly as you can.

Every morning. Heck, every moment, God gives us all a new opportunity to Rebound in Faith. It's up to us to choose.

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