What to make of today

Today is an extremely intense day for the world.

I don't know if this is the beginning of the end or the end of the beginning. But, today definitely marks a moment in time - a time of amazing transition.

20 years ago, a pathway was started by "The Powers That Be". About this time those many years, "they" all decided to pull the trigger and torpedo us all down this road that we have traveled down. No declaration of war was made by Congress (a Constitutional condition precedent). But 11 days from 20 years ago, they were able to wage this "War on Terror" with just three highjacked planes and our humanity.

Oddly, all of what has transpired makes complete sense. Today serves as that perfectly crafted culmination of this fatal fabrication.

People point fingers. People search for someone to blame. But there isn't just one person.

It was by design.

Everything makes sense if you see it. We let ourselves become one massive weapon of mass destruction, the moment that we acquiesced and disregarded our civil liberties those 20 years ago.

My question is (as always) why don't more people see?

They didn't see 20 years ago when I was on the "other side" working at the ACLU, protesting against the Patriot Act.

Is there any chance of hope now though, when so many "liberals" are willing to sacrifice their most fundamental layer of personal autonomy - our bodies - for just a sliver of a scintilla of safety? Emotions once again have blinded even the best of us.

It was by design.

We must cooperate in our downfall. They actually cannot do it without our help. Because we are humans. The only way they can be successful is for them to take advantage of our humanity (our sympathy).

My question now is how much liberty do we actually still possess?

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