Autographed Copy of Born Again Republican

Autographed Copy of Born Again Republican


Born Again Republican by Liz Matory with Chante Hopkins is the personal account of Liz's personal political metamorphasis. Though many began to see the light during the 2016 Election, Liz began to see the writing on the wall when she ran for the first time for state office as Democrat. Quickly, she found that the Democratic Party that she had been a member of for so long, 1) was not interested in supporting young black women to step into leadership and 2) had no real solutions that would solve the needs of Americans.


Liz became an independent before entering into the GOP. More specifically, she returned to the Republican Party having acknowledged that the Republican Party was the original party of her elders. 

For an honest from the field account of political pivoting, buy Born Again Republican. Many Americans are still unaware of the real history and social dynamics that have led the country to the current apex. 

Before you judge a candidate by her party affiliation, read this book!


    Liz Matory

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